Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Braai with the "In-laws"

my boyfriend and i had a braai with his family again last night.it's the 4 night in the last week we've eaten at their place,and not just any food.proper braai/bbq/holiday food.

last night we had ribs,sausages,bbq bread,pap and tomato and onion sauce. the pap and sauce is a south african traditional food,often served with bbq meat.it is heavenly,especially when my boyfriends' mother makes it.she just has a way with it.i've tried making it myself,and it didn't come out so bad,but just didn't taste anything like hers.i swear she has some sort of special ingredient she doesn't tell me about.

i must say that i am very lucky that my boyfriends' family is such a lively bunch.they are very easy to get along with,and i've had no real problems fitting in with them.hopefully it stays that way.


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