Friday, July 24, 2009


I've got some rather bad news.Well,bad news for me,not so much for you.My boss told me yesterday that I will have to go to our other branch,since the manager there is going on a 3 month sabbatical,and I am the only person at work that they can afford to send down there to fill in.This is all very good and well,but there's one little problem - NO INTERNET.Yes,you read that right,NO INTERNET.

This other branch of ours is a very small part of the whole business,and doesn't use (or need) a lot of modern technology.So even though there is a computer there,it only has the basic programmes on it.I feel like I am going back in time to the Stone Age or something.I have to tell you,it's not a good feeling.

So yes,I will be leaving you all for a while,but will post whenever I can,which I'm guessing won't be a lot,since I also don't have a computer at home.Yes,I am one of the very few people who still don't have a home computer.

I am going to miss you all,and can't wait for this hell to be over (the hell that will officially start on Monday) - wish me luck!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

- I hate my medical aid,because they won't let me change to a cheaper version,until freaking November,so this means I can't save a bit of money until then (the difference from the very expensive version I have now,would be enough,if saved up until December,so that I can buy a nice big fridge,and have some spending money left over).I hate medical aids.All of them.They suck.

- Tonight I'm making eggs on toast for dinner.Can you tell that I'm not in the mood to cook?(Also,there's absolutely no other food in the house than spaghetti and tomato sauce - so my options are limited,to say the least).

- I am usually very lazy to do any work,and today (and the rest of the week) has been no exception.I have paperwork all around me,and absolutely no desire to pick any of it up and finish it.I do,however,have a very guilty feeling that lies over me all the time,about my laziness to work.Still,it hasn't forced me into action yet.

- I have been reading 'Girls with Slingshots' all day (see above: Too Lazy To Do Actual Work).It is still just as awesome as yesterday,and I'm dreading the point where I get caught up on all the back 'issues' and have to wait for new ones.Absolutely dreading it.

- I wanted to know if people overseas (read:not in South Africa) also use Mxit?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I like

The comic,Girls with Slingshots,by Danielle Corsetto,is total awesomeness.I started reading it this morning,and am now officially addicted.

Some samples:


I saw this on Cybeel's blog,and just had to do it,since I am a nut for all types of quizzes.It doesn't take a lot of time,and although I know it probably says the same things for everyone,a lot of the answers really were right about me.

Check it out.

ColorQuiz.comPenny took the free personality test!

"Lives life to the fullest. Has a high energy leve..."

Click here to read the rest of the results.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So,this is where that saying 'being treated like a piece of meat' comes from?

The results

*not mine*

So yeah,I need to have jaw surgery,IF I am up to it.The orthodontist basically said surgery is the only thing that can correct my bite the best,with braces for 2 years after the surgery.

This is all good and well,but I am seriously doubting my medical fund will cover this,so it's all at the mercy of them.If they deny me,then I'll just have to go through life with my weak chin and weak jaw.

Because according to the orthodontist,I have a really weak chin that grew completely wrong.I felt kind of insulted,since I'd never even realised this,but I also remembered he was only saying it out of a medical standpoint.But still,I really didn't need something else,physical,to obsess about.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Thoughts

- I know this is stupid,but since this whole swine flu thing started,I am scared to death of getting it.I now have a cold,and am constantly wondering whether it's actually the swine flu.Well,I hope not.Also,my nose is really irritating me,since it somehow feels like it's totally blocked,yet at the same time flowing like the rivers of Babylon.

- I'm going to my follow-up appointment at the orthodontist today.We have to leave at about 2:30,since my appointment is at 5 and it's about a hour and a half's drive.It pisses me off so much that I'm basically having to go to this appointment,that is so far away,in order for him to tell me something that he could probably tell me over the phone.

- My next door neighbour's mom died on Sunday morning.This is super depressing,as she is seriously the 5th person that I know (although not super well) that has died in the last 2 months or so.This would be no big deal,but my town is really,really small,so usually we have about 20 deaths a year.I'm hoping the quota is now filled for the rest of the year.

- We went out on Saturday night,for a few drinks and to play some pool.Don't know if I've told you this,but I LOVE PLAYING POOL.My sister and I are a formidable doubles team,and on Saturday night we totally kicked ass.We were unbeatable for the whole night,until we both got a little too tipsy to sufficiently concentrate on sinking the balls.Either way,we rocked.

- It is going to be incredibly nice weather this week - nice and mild during the day,and cold at night,which is my favorite type of weather.

- Everyone in our 'apartment' building (there are only 4 apartments,lol) have now had their cats fixed (there are 4 cats,all ladies) and now I can finally sleep soundly without having to worry about little kittens popping up someday soon.This might sound really unimportant to some people,but it's amazingly good news for me.

- My boyfriend,who hates cleaning ANYTHING,not only cleaned out our living room yesterday,he also did the dishes,and made us a really good lunch.I don't know when the aliens came and took my boyfriend and put a clone in his place,but I think I kinda wana keep this one!

- My mom is back from vacation,which makes me super happy!

Friday, July 17, 2009


I don't know why people would want to do this,maybe they have their reasons.I just don't understand it.

Sorry if you've done it,don't mean to offend,but I find the practice really disgusting.

Barking Mad

Luckily not me,but Barking Mad is a South African website that caters to animal lovers.

It's an Animal Rescue Site that's having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily so they can meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It is such a quick thing to do,to go to their site and click on the purple box 'fund food for animals for free'. This doesn't cost you a thing.

Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

Here's the web site!

Barking Mad

If you guys could possibly go click a few times,it would make my day.In fact,it would make my month.

Happy 78th!

My dad and nephew

Today is my dad's 78th birthday.Although he died almost 2 years ago,I still feel like celebrating his birthday.Is that weird?

Lots of sadness today.I really hope this workday goes by quickly.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My idea of true love

Something that I've been thinking a lot about lately,is the subject of true love.What is true love?Is there such a thing as a 'soulmate'?

The 2 pictures above perfectly describe my idea of what true love is.I feel that there is no such thing as a soulmate,or at least not that a soulmate is necessarily your husband or wife.I also think that you can have lots of soulmates.People/animals that you are meant to meet or have in your life.

It makes me very sad when movies and books and tv shows put forth this unrealistic image of what real love is all about.It's not about having passionate sex in all these weird places or staring lovingly into each other's eyes while riding horses in a beautiful valley.No,real love is going through everyday life,all the bad things,good things and just plain boring things,and at the end of the day,being so grateful to have this person in your life,because they,in no matter how small a way,makes your life that much better.

True love is fighting with that person,sometimes feeling as if you're crazy for being with them and not always being on speaking terms,but still loving them more than anything,and wanting to see them,even though you are mad at each other.

I don't know,true love is different for every person,but I find love stories where people live their whole lives together,doing everyday things,to be the most romantic of love stories.I don't much care for those super charged love stories in the movies where the lovedup couple kill for each other because they love each other so much or are so passionate it makes the screen mist up,because in real life,it isn't always like that.

Why do I care about this so much?Because I think the fact that lots of people expect every relationship to fullfil those unrealistic expectations created by movies,etc. causes them to not want to work at any relationship,because if you go by what the stories tell us,true love comes to you,and chooses you,and stays with you no matter what.No work required by you.Which we all know is total crappola.

So,tell me.What do you see as 'true love'?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Duties of wives

Duties of Wives...

Three men were sitting together bragging about how they had given their new wives duties.

Terry had married a woman from Greece ...

He bragged that he had told his wife she needed to do all the dishes and housework. He said that it took a couple days but on the third day he came home to a clean house and the dishes were all washed and put away.

Jimmie had married a woman from Italy ...

He bragged that he had given his wife orders that she was to do all the cleaning, dishes, and the cooking. He told them that the first day he didn't see any results, but the next day it was better. By the third day, his house was clean, the dishes were done, and he had a huge dinner on the table.

The third man had married a South African girl.

He boasted that he told her that her duties were to keep the house cleaned, dishes washed, laundry and ironing twice a week, lawns mowed, windows cleaned and hot meals on the table for every meal.

He said the first day he didn't see anything, the second day he didn't see anything, but by the third day most of the swelling had gone down and he could see a little out of his left eye, just enough to fix himself a bite to eat, load the dishwasher, and call a handyman.

{That last one can basically count for 99.9% of the world's women,irrespective of where they live}

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something nobody cares about

Ok,I know none of you probably watch (or watched) The Hills,but I've just seen new pictures of what is supposed to be Stephanie Pratt.

To refresh your memory...

Here she is as I know her

You know,the female version of her suckass brother

And here she is (or what I am suspecting is an alien imposter...) a few days ago
Supposedly having lunch with Kristin,shooting an episode of The Hills these pictures were mismarked as Stephenie or something,I hope to all hell,because otherwise she has gone under the knife in a MAYJAH way.She's totally unrecognisable!

This is pretty meaningless,but tell me - do you think this is her,and if it is,do you agree she had LOTS of surgery?

Black cat superstition

There are lots of superstitions associated with cats, partly because cats have lived alongside humans for many many years. The cat was worshipped in Egypt and to kill one was considered a capital crime. When an Egyptian family's cat died, the cat was mummified and the family went into mourning. Romans also considered the cat sacred and introduced it into Europe. By the 17th Century, however, the cat began to be associated with witchcraft and it's luck turned from good to bad in many areas. A practice that became popular for a time was to burn cats and other animals on Shrove Tuesday (before the start of Lent), in order to protect one's home from fire and other bad things.

Superstitions revolving around the black cat are some of the most well-known and popular superstitions today. It is interesting, though, because the good or bad luck they possess is dependent on where you live in the world. In Britain and Japan, having a black cat cross your path, is considered good luck, whereas if you live in the USA or several European countries, it is bad luck to have a black cat walk by.

Good luck associated with black cats include:

* Possessing a black cat.
* Having a black cat greet you at a door.
* Having a black cat enter your home.
* Meeting three black cats in succession.
* Touching a black cat.

Bad luck associated with black cats include:

* Meeting a black cat early in the morning.
* Having a black cat turn its back on you.
* Scaring or driving away a black cat from your property.
* Walking under a ladder after a black cat has walked underneath it.

{Got this off a site on the internet,but can't remember what the name was}

You always want what you can't have

In this case,a shower!I got home last night,made dinner and washed the dishes,and settled in front of the tv.JC showered at 6:45,since he gets quite dirty after a days' work (he's a boilermaker/fitter),and always showers before dinner.

Well,I don't.I shower at about 10pm,right before bedtime,since it's freezing cold at night now,and the nice warm shower warms me up before bed.At around 8,I hear the neighbours talking about water pipes and sure enough,when I got up to check the faucets,NO WATER.

Turns out a water pipe burst in the yard of a house that's about 6 houses down from us,but somehow this caused the entire block to be without water.Only in a small town,I tell ya.

So with the small amount of water left in the kettle,I managed to brush my teeth last night and this morning,and at least wash the most essential parts of myself.Also,we couldn't flush the toilet at all last night,but this morning I just had to,since I don't really want the apartment to smell like a used diaper.

I know guys are supposed to like 'dirty' girls,but this is just ridiculous.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My weekend...

...was much better than my week was last week.

I drank a lot of these...

Ate a lot of this...

Watched this the throughout the weekend (nostalgia - I watched this in 6th grade the first time.I love me some Stephen King!)

And cuddled with these two the whole time

So,all in all,the perfect weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Debbie Downer,that's me

So yeah,I'm being a downer,and I don't want to infect all the lovely people that might happen upon my blog (on purpose or by accident) so I will now love you and leave you,and see you after the weekend,after which I will hopefully be in a much better state of mind.

So this will be me this weekend...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

{DISCLAIMER:Some semi- and fully foul language ahead.Do not proceed if this will bother you}

- Do you guys ever have one of those days where everything,and everyone,irritates the shit out of you?I can't even try to use 'cleaner' language because I'm just so irrationally pissed off today that I can't help myself.

- This morning started off with me discovering Cleo (neighbourkitty) in my lovely pot of catmint.I've been growing this stuff for about 2 months now,and it was looking awesome,but in about 10 minutes,that little white and ginger menace (who this whole time was absolute freaking clueless as to the existence of the catmint - even though she walks past sat her little scrawny but all over my little plants,and destroyed them.I am not happy about this,to say the very least.

- At my job,I help our accountant check invoices of different suppliers on the statements they send out every end of month.Well,this month,every bloody supplier seems to have decided that they are going to do their utmost best to make me want to slit my wrists.Anything that can be wrong on these statements,is wrong,and more.Delightful,right?

- I checked our home post box before work this morning,and discovered the bill from the orthodontist I went to see last month.I will put the amount in dollars,since most of you guys aren't from South Africa.The bill is in the amount of +/-$170.Which doesn't sound much,but if your salary is only about $500 (obviously,this sounds worse,but we work in Rands,so it isn't as completely awful as it sounds.Sort of) it kinda gets to you.Well,the problem with this bill is,the freaking orthodontists' office should've put in the claim to my medical aid themselves.Instead,they send me the bill and now I have to try to get through to my medical aid,which is sort of like communicating with the dead.Fucking impossible.

- The one weekend I was planning to actually do something outside,in the sun,the weather is predicting rain,rain and more rain.The whole of Saturday and Sunday.But I don't trust the weathermen anyway,so let's hope they are full of bullshit as always,and that it is sunny and warmish the whole weekend.

Well,that was my mini-vent for the day.As you have come to expect,LOLcats will soon follow to try and cheer my cranky ass up.They've got a tough job today,that I can assure you.

*UPDATE* The power was just off for 3 hours.Oh joy,my day is getting better and better - proceed to punch myself in the face - The End.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

Ok,you all know how much I love my Wednesday Weirdness,but the questions this week is all about swapping partners and the like,and for me,that's just a little TOO weird.Not to offend any of you swapping partners out there,but that type of lifestyle is one of the few things that I just really don't agree with or like.

But if that's your type of thang,go check it out.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Visit this site.

If you only do yourself one favor this week,it HAS to be that you visit this site.

I am blown away by the gorgeousness,awesomeness and just general incredibleness of what I saw on that site.

Some samples:

An incredible double-whammy.Barbie doll hair,weaved onto the heads of grill-wearing,ugly-tattooed white trash chicks
If there's one thing that beats a guy with a mullet,it's a WHOLE FAMILY OF MULLETS.In the wise words of Lilu ,AWESOMESAUCE!
And last,but by no means least - the ultimate mullet.Shaven in front,and super long and ratty in the back.I get chills down my back observing this.It truly is astonishing.

Never again will I complain of a bad hair day.This I solemnly promise.


I don't know why,but I am freezing today!It was really misty until about 11 this morning,and that made it really cold.And since I'm freezing I can't seem to think of anything to tell you guys.Well,not anything really interesting.

There might be something happening for JC and I,in the near future,that could make life a lot easier for us,well,for me at least.But I'm too paranoid to even talk about it since I believe if I talk about it,I will jinx it,so yeah,I'm gona stop talking about it now.

I am such a dumbass.I've forgotten my apartment keys for 2 days straight,and this sucks so bad,because I have to sit outside and wait for JC to get home,which is usually around 6:30 or 7 (I finish work at 5:30).That would be fine if it were summer,because it would still be like day at that time,and warm outside.However,it's winter,and I don't enjoy sitting in the dark,freezing my nipples off.That tends to make me very cranky,very cranky indeed.

Turns out our neighbour is staying on in his apartment,and I'm actually really happy,since I like all the people living there now,and I'm really not in the mood to move (even if it is only next door).Can you tell I'm super lazy?Yeah,I'm not Superbad,I'm Superlazy.

Tomorrow is Wednesday,which is halfway through the week,which blows my mind,since I still feel stuck in Monday.Also,I'm going to have a mini-meltdown if there aren't new Wednesday Weirdness questions up tomorrow.I need my embarrassing-questions-fix,STAT!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Thoughts

- Now I don't know what you all thought of the movie,and I know I am wayyyy late in watching it,but JC and I watched 'Marley & Me' yesterday,and I really really liked it.It was one of Owen Wilson's best movies in my mind,since he was funny,but not as ridiculous as he can sometimes get.Even Jennifer Aniston was cute in it.But obviously the star of the whole thing is Marley (and the 22,yes 22,dogs that played his part).My mom's neighbour lady had to have her 18 year old labrador,Goldie,put to rest a few months back,and I bawled my eyes out,seeing the same thing happen to Marley.Even JC had tears in his eyes.

- Onto less serious matters.I did my laundry on Friday night,which made me not have much to do on Saturday morning (usually I do laundry on Saturday.The whole day,since my washing machine is a sadistic asshole).Anyway,JC had to work on Saturday,so I was alone at home the whole day.Extreme boredom.I am so used to having JC with me all day Saturday,that when he wasn't there,I automatically started to miss him and not have anything to do with myself.So I cleaned a bit,watched a bit of tv,until my sister and her boyfriend eventually came over for drinks.Well,a few drinks turned into plenty,and let's just say I had more than my fair share.But by the time I got home at 2am,I was nearly completely sober again,and I just fell into bed.

- I made a very specialized (ie.poorman's) pizza on Saturday.It came out so well that after having the leftovers on Sunday morning,I made another pizza,exactly like the first,for lunch.

- JC made us steak for dinner,and I made mashed potatoes.I am not a fan of steak at all,and we had no sauce to make it in.But we made a plan out of what was available (brown onion soup powder and apricot jam) and made a really good sauce.It ended up being the best steak I've ever eaten.JC was very pleased with himself.Deservedly so.

- Like I've said before,the apartment we live in is part of a house that as turned into 4 apartments (1 x bachelors' apartment,1 x 1-bedroom apartment and 2 x 2-bedroom apartments).Well,we are considering moving into the one 2-bedroom apartment,if the man living there moves out (his wife died on Friday).I know it's really premature even thinking about it,and I don't even know if we can afford it yet.And I really love our tiny little apartment,but the truth is,I would love that one extra room.To put all my extra crap in,all the crap that I now somehow store in all the little spaces that our apartment has to offer.But this makes the place look much more untidy than it really is,so an extra room would be an awesome storage space.Please pray it all works out (not just for us,but for our poor neighbour).

- I am very happy about work this week,since my nemesis (otherwise know as the receptionist) is away on another holiday this week.This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside,even though I have to answer the phone the whole time now.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Some decor

I haven't trolled for nice decor pictures in a while,and yesterday I came upon a few ones that made me salivate.They mostly feature cozy beds and livingrooms with nice reading spots,because these are all things I desire.

Ugh,so to die for.


To kiss

You see that little tattoo?That's one of my favorite spots to kiss,ever,in the whole world.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dreams Take Two

Ok,continuing on the subject of dreams,I wanted to tell you guys that I have been dreaming like mad this week.Like those types of dreams where you are so involved in what's happening that even though you know you're dreaming,you take things very seriously.

On Wednesday night I had this ultra weird dream that I was at my mom's house,with a bunch of strange people.There's this girl who lives in one of the rooms and she has the most amazing make up,jewellery,clothes,dvd's,books,etc.So she goes out,and all of a sudden I start rumbling through her stuff,and taking whatever I think looks cool.The girl comes back and says no,it's fine,she put all that stuff there for me to take what I want,so I don't have to worry that she'll be mad.At the end,my sister comes in and says she was playing on a slot machine and won 2 million dollars.Not rand,which is our currency,but dollars.Which is about 30 million rand.

That's when my boyfriends' alarm went off,and as I woke up,I kept saying no way,I can't be having to get up already,because I haven't slept at all.It seriously felt like I hadn't slept,that's how engrossing the dream was.

Do you guys remember what you dream about,or are you one of those people who have dreamless sleep?


For some unexplainable reason,I dreamt of this man last night...

He is by no means my favorite actor out of Twilight,so how the hell he ended up being the object of my affection in my very exciting dream,only my subconscious can tell you.

But hey,I'm not complaining.As far as dream hunks go,he's definitely not bad.Not bad at all.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I still need some laughs

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Single ladies - South African style

This is a South African ad for Vodacom,one of our cell providers.

I personally think this is one of the best Single Ladies spoofs out there,because of that extra little South African flavor.

Hope you think this is just as cute as I do!

{I just LOVE the main guy's one-piece 'swimsuit' with cut-off jeans ensemble.Too excellent}

SJP and twins

Like a lot of Sex and the City fans (that is one show I can watch over and over and over again,and then?Watch some more!),I'm a Sarah Jessica Parker fan,and have always thought she was stylish,sophisticated and just plain adorable.

So I was quite sad that gossip sites kept reporting that she and her husband,Ferris Bueller,sorry Matthew Broderick,have marital problems and that he's cheating and what have you.And when I heard they were expecting twins by a surrogate,I kind of cringed,because everyone knows that no amount of babies can glue back a broken relationship.

But this picture just looks so sweet to me!Matthew looks genuinely ecstatic to have these two little girls,and Sarah looks gorgeous as ever.

The only one who looks kinda pissed off,is James Wilkie,their son.He looks like he might go Chucky on the twins.Here's hoping that's just a bad picture of him.

PS.I'm really glad they cut his hair,because he was starting to look like some kind of homeless midget.

Ooh baby

I need some eyecandy,and this guy?Well,he's about as cavity-enducing as guys come.I'm not a big fan of his voice (don't ask me why,something about it just kind of bugs me) but I mean,if you have a face like this,you could be mute,and nobody would even realise.At least the women wouldn't notice.

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