Thursday, October 29, 2009

Apartment envy

My neighbour girl is moving to a new,bigger apartment this weekend,and I'm having serious envy issues.So much so that I spent the whole night last night,dreaming of her new apartment.In my dream,the place is like a freaking mansion,even though,in reality it's just a 2-bedroom place,with almost no windows.So basically,it sucks.

But the thing I am envious about,is that second bedroom.I want one!Just imagine,a place to put all my extra crap that I don't want people to see,so the rest of the apartment can always look neat and well put together.

A girl can dream.

What are your homes like,big,small,cluttered,neat?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

                This is what I feel like these days+

1. Today I feel...really bored with my job
2. Last night...I made a really tasty pizza and watched Lipstick Jungle
3. Currently listening to...Grooveshark.Love that site
4. Sometimes I wish...I could have lots more patience
5. What do you usually have for breakfast?Sandwhiches
6. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes
7. Do you blush easily? Yes,although I always look kind of red,so I don't think anyone really notices me blushing

I'm such a loser.Couldn't even quit blogging completely.

However,I'm back with a change.Even though I am quite scared to have people I know in real life discovering my blog,and laughing in my face about the stuff I write,I've decided to start going under my real name.Which is Juani.Nice to meet you guys,again.Strange name,I know.I sound like a guy from somewhere in South America.

So I'll see you all again off and on,when my laziness subsides long enough for me to blog about whatever boring thing I have done recently.

Please start reading again Enjoy!

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