Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Had a great night!

after work last night,i went to my mothers' house to do our laundry,and ended up doing most of it,but not all,since the weather is a bit cooler now,and there wasn't really space to hang everything up.

after i finished there,i set off home,thinking i was going to go home and make a soy cottage pie for me and my boyfriend,but it was not to be.when i got there,his sister was there,having a drink with him.so i poured myself a drink as well,and after about an hour,my sister pitched as well,so we all had a drink together and had a really good chat.my sister was complaining about her man-troubles,so i felt really bad letting her go home alone,but she wouldn't stay over,so what could i do?

at about 9,everyone was gone,and it was finally just me and the bf.to be honest,i really wasn't in the mood to make dinner at 9pm,so i was really happy when my bf suggested we go get a pizza at the restaurant that is like 5 minutes' walk from our apartment.

we had another drink at the restaurant,while waiting for our take away pizza,and talked about stuff we did in high school and just laughing at what we both were like back then.

the pizza was incredible!i haven't had a pizza from that restaurant in a long time,so it was really nice to taste it again.unfortunately,it makes me hungrier today,because i ate so late last night,and such a big meal as well.

but like i said,i had a really good night.my bf is in a very good mood (probably has something to do with him being on vacation),so everything's good!


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