Monday, December 29, 2008

No Money

i don't want to sound like a complete downer,but i just sometimes wish a miracle would happen,so that just for one month,i will have enough money to pay everything i have to pay,and still have a little left over to treat my pets or my boyfriend,or even myself.

there just never is any money left after the monthly debts are paid and groceries are bought.and mind you,they aren't extravagant groceries.just the normal things like bread,eggs,some mince meat,etc.the normal everyday things.we don't buy stuff like steaks or weird cheeses or stuff like that.there just isn't money for that.

here's hoping i can somehow work out a budget and actually stick to it.i want our debt paid off in 2 years' seems like a disastrously long time from now,but like i've seen with 2008,the time flies by,so if i can have all our debt paid off in 2 years,that would be a complete miracle!


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