Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Family Weekend In L'Agulhas

Sign in the Struisbaai harbor
Andreas with his first fish caught
Making sure the fishy is ok
Two seagulls off the "Finding Nemo" set
Daniel going for the waves
Daniel on the beach
Andreas and Zané swimming in freezing water
The harbor walkway
Bella,boat named after my cat (Lulubella)

Some more little fishing boats
Andreas looking for the stingrays at the harbor
Me,not being able to take good pics of the boats at night
Ditto as above
Daniel,the way he always looks
Daniel,very smily
Daniel enjoying some sand for lunch
Andreas,our little monkey,climbing the tree
The tide pool,which is great,except the water is verrry cold
The Lighthouse in L'Agulhas,near the most southern point of Africa
And Zané
Zané and Andreas looking for fishies with their nets

A little bit of the traditional style houses built in L'Agulhas

PS. The shipwreck you see in the pictures,is that of the 'Meishu Maru 38'.

I live in a very beautiful country,and also in the most beautiful part of this beautiful country.So I like to show that off to people,because I know that lots of foreigners tend to believe that South Africa is all about apartheid and violence and basically all things bad.But we have lots going for us too.

Either way,I wanted to show you all some of the pictures that I took when we had a family get-together in September '08 in L'Agulhas,Western Cape.It's a seaside town,about 4 hours' drive from my town,but it was the ideal place for us all to meet,and we mostly chose it because it was only an hours' drive for my sister,whose baby was only 3 months old at the time.

We had an absolute blast,and I really hope we can do it very soon,but would love to do it somewhere on the West Coast this time,like Yzerfontein or Elands Bay.

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Ruggy13 said...

Very cute pics! ok! i will give you letter... T

I know what you mean about the cake! That picture of cookies... MADE me eat cookies last night!

Have fun! can't wait to see your answers!

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