Thursday, February 26, 2009

Andreas the Adventurer

My brother and his wife have been together for 18 years,since he was 18 and she was 16.They are the one couple in this big,bad world that I know will never part,because no matter what they've been through together (and trust me,they've been through a lot) they still remain each others' best friends,and are still all lovey-dovey,like when they first started dating.

Anywhoo,Friday 27 February,is their 10 year wedding anniversary,and since they are the parents of two very,lovely and lively boys,they asked my mom if they could send them to her place for the weekend so that they could have a relaxing,and most importantly,child-free anniversary weekend.Of course my mom said yes,and even though I won't be here this weekend,I will be able to see the boys for a little while on Friday.Andreas (whose 5,and the eldest) told his mom yesterday that he's only going to school for the Wednesday and then he's going to Grandma J's house,if he has to climb on his bicycly and ride there himself.Freaking cute!

{Here are some of my nephew's adventures}


Namine said...

I love hearing about couples who have been together forever through thick and thin.
It's nice to know people are still out there, who believe if times get tough you still stay together!!

Chele said...

wow since they were 16 and 18, that is so wonderful, very rare to hear these days

Bon Don said...

How cute are those boys!! Awww

I loves those pictures! very cool

Awesome Sara said...

wow, that is an amazing couples story. 10years?? that's like 50years in couple's years. i've been together with my guy for 5 years so thats like 20years, right?

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