Friday, February 6, 2009

Nature's Wrath

Right now there are out-of-control fires raging in the area around Table Mountain,Cape Town.This is really sad to me,because Table Mountain is such a landmark,and the whole mountain is part of a nature reserve,so I really hope that the firemen get everything under control.Also,there are homes and quite a few businesses not too far from where the fires are,so hopefully it can be stopped soon.It's been raging for 2 days,and the extremely hot weather,and very strong south-easterly winds (up to 60 km/hour) aren't helping much either.

It's times like this that one sees what nature is truly capable of.In South Africa we are extremely lucky to not get such natural disasters as earthquakes,hurricanes or tornadoes.Any of the natural disasters we have are basically 'miniscule' in comparison to those that are experienced in places like America and the East.

However,veld fires are very common,especially in the early months of summer.And they can be just as deadly,maybe not to humans,but to the animals living in the veld,as well as the very rare plant types that we have in our mountain ranges.

1 Comment:

Chele said...

oh my gosh that fire looks dangerously scary, hope its all under control now and no severe casualties.

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