Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Worst Jobs in the World

My boss and I were talking about horrible jobs this morning,and then my bestie,L,and I chatted about her crappy job and how much she would love to stick the job up her boss' ass,and just quit.But like everyone,she really needs the money,so she just has to stick it out.Either way,she has a pretty cushy job,as do I.Boring,but cushy.No real complaints from my side about my job,except for the previously mentioned office-bitch.

But how we got to the horrible jobs subject is kind of gross.My boss was at the garage last night,because the funeral director from a neighbouring towns' vehicle broke down,and he had to bring it into the garage so the mechanics could repare it today.So while my boss and the funeral director were waiting for the fd's son to come and get him,my boss discovered that the fd had a dead body in the back of his vehicle.This was a woman who had died yesterday afternoon of natural causes,and he was on his way to take her to his funeral home to get her ready for her funeral.Obviously my boss was a bit grossed out by this.When the fd's son arrived,they asked my boss to help move the body,seeing as she was dead weight now (so to speak) and was extra heavy.He kindly refused (as I would have done too).She was only wrapped in a duvet and tied with ropes (God knows why).

After this 'ordeal',my boss told me he started asking the fd some questions about his job.The fd told him he was having so much trouble with a certain customer.This woman's son committed suicide in January 2008,by shooting himself in the head.She is now refusing to pay him his money,because she feels that he didn't do a good enough job repairing her sons' eyes.She feels it's not the same colour as before.Well,OBVIOUSLY!He shot himself in the head!

This gross little story got me thinking that out of all the gross,horrific jobs in the world,working with dead people (or animals for that matter) would be my idea of the worst job ever.The idea of having to put human parts together again,going to accident sites and recovering the different body pieces,all these things make me want to puke up my lunch.

I have major respect for funeral directors,coroners,doctors,vets,etc.They all do a job that most of us are just not cut out for,either emotionally,physically or both.


Bon Don said...

That is sooo true I don't think I could see half the crap they deal with!!

By the way, for some reason your blog dosen't read on my dashboard or my blogroll, I'm not sure why??

The Cherry Blog said...

Oh I second that! There are alot of jobs out there that i absolutely could not do and have all the more respect for people that do. xx

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