Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And so the planning begins

My sister and her boyfriend got engaged in November last year,and after much hooing and hahing,they've settled on the date ~ September 5,which falls in the South African spring,and is a really lovely time of the year.My sis asked me to be her maid of honour,which is,of course,a huge honour,but I am the first to admit I am not very good at planning stuff,especially important stuff.I start to stress out completely and leave everything until the last moment,and then everything ends up being a disaster.

But not this time.I'm already planning her kitchen tea/bachelorette party.I'm thinking beginning of June,which is 3 months before the wedding.Now,I know that's a long time before the wedding,but most of the women coming to this party,live at least 4 hours away,so I want to have the party well in advance of the wedding,so that they don't have to make the long trip very close together in time (say like in August and September again).

I got these 'specifications' for the duties of the maid of honour,which makes everything seem so easy,but I'm already plutzing just reading this list.

The traditional responsibilities and duties for the maid of honour:

Before the Wedding Day:

Helps Bride select her wedding day attire {we got the fabric and pattern,now my boyfriends' mom just has to make the actual dress}
Helps select the costumes for the Bridal Party {it will only be me and my man in the bridal party,so nothing special.We'll basically be wearing black.My sisters' orders.She loves black}
Assists in addressing invitations and announcements {we already made the invitations,just have to mail it in about 2 months' time}
Attends pre-wedding parties, plans and hosts a shower or party for the Bride or couple {see rant above}
Assists Bride with going away clothing and luggage {I'm also helping them plan where to go for their honeymoon.More on that at a later stage}
Coordinates the bridesmaids and their tasks. Including fittings for dresses {there will,thankfully,be no bridesmaids}
Helps keep track of gifts received and thank you notes written {I love writing thank you notes,but to be honest,my sister is hoping for a boat-load of cash,not gifts}
Normally pays for all wedding day attire with the exception of floral accessories {Ha,I don't think so.Unless my sister wants a hobo-themed wedding}
Helps with the decorations {my dads' cousins' wife ~ phew ~ is taking care of all that.She is a super party planner,and is also doing the catering.An all-in-one package}
Supplies "Something borrowed" and "Something blue" if requested {Ok,I can't wait to do this,but you guys have to give me some ideas on what to give that is "blue" and "borrowed"}

On the Wedding Day:

Coordinates with the best man regarding details
Helps Bride dress, reminds Bride to transfer her engagement ring to right hand
Ensures that bridesmaids are carrying their bouquets properly
Arranges Bride's train before processional
Holds Groom's ring during the ceremony
Holds Bride's bouquet during the ceremony
Turns back bride's veil for 'the kiss'
Acts as a legal witness to the ceremony and signs documents
Arranges Bride's train for recessional
Returns bridal bouquet before recessional & Participates in the receiving line
Assists the Bride's mother at the reception
Makes sure that best man has placed all Bride's luggage
and other incidentals in the going away car
Socializes with guests at the reception and ensures that
guest book has been signed, Makes a toast at the reception {I am so going to cry my eyes out while I do this!} & Helps Bride change into going away outfit

Wish me luck!


Awesome Sara said...

yikes!!!!! good luck!!!!

ecotorium said...

Wow. Seems like you have a decent amount of it done or figured out! Way to go! Weddings can be so stressful, but in the end they're fun. All I know is, as long as the bride isn't a Bridezilla (love the show), try and do everything possible so she isn't stressed, then hopefully she'll return the favor when it's your turn! So exciting!!!

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