Thursday, March 26, 2009

be smart be green

One of my favorite bloggers,Maegan,who can be found @ ...loveMaegan and SmartGreenBlog,is having a great competition where 3 lucky people will each win some of her beautiful (and eco-friendly) tote bags ~ I WANT ONE!

The 1st place winner will receive 3 tote bags of their choice
The 2nd place winner will receive 2 tote bags of their choice
The 3rd place winner will receive 1 tote bag of their choice

Go check out her competition and enter.It's for a good cause (the safety of our precious Mother Earth) and you will look majorly cool walking with one of those bags.


K @ Blog Goggles said...

Yay for eco-friendliness! I already have five thousand tote bags from the stores in Hong Kong that force you to take them, but I'm glad she's giving some away. Maegan said...


kel said...

Very cool!

Awesome Sara said...

i did a post on eco bags. i have oodles! thank you for wishing the feel betters!!! i slept for like 15hours today. i feel ok.

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