Friday, March 20, 2009


Friday hasn't come a day too soon,because even though I hate wishing my life away,I am so ready for a relaxing weekend to spend at home just doing nothing with my kitteh and my love.Since it's getting a little cooler at night now,cuddling is my no.1 priority,and I don't get enough cuddles in if I have to be up and going at 06:30 every morning.So I'm lying in tomorrow.

First off,Maya has joined the House Panthers,which is a blog specifically for the lovely black kittehs of the blogging world.She's still only a mini one,but I'm hoping everyone will enjoy her contributions over there.

Secondly,the lovely Namine has given me an award!Thank you so much Namine,this means a lot to me,since I adore your blog,and read it every single day.I like you LOTS too!

I'm tagging ~


In the words of the very poignant Lloyd Christmas,in regards to your blogs:

"I like it a lot!" (said with a very posh English accent)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you! :)

ecotorium said...

I never really thought that people, other than my family, would 1. read my blog, and 2. like it. Thank you very much for caring and I'm so uber happy that you like it!!

Awesome Sara said...

OMG!!!! I got an award!!!! So cool!!!! I put together a mini post for you, and since i've been a tad sick i haven't forgotten your bedroom post. I found some new ones in a mag and I haven't scaned them yet!

carina said...

I was just saying to sara (over at her blog) that these are the best looking awards I have ever seen!!

creative kerfuffle said...

love that maya has a blog : ) too cool!

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