Monday, March 23, 2009

I hate Mondays.Obviously.But I'm not too fond of most of the weekdays

This Monday sucks donkey balls all over the place.No real particular reason,I'm just not in the mood for this week,at all.I have a huge headache,which I didn't have when I left home this morning,but developed throughout the morning,even though work is anything but stressful at the moment.So where the hell this headache is coming from,I have no idea.I also had major tooth ache the whole weekend,which makes me completely pissed off,because as you know,I was only at the dentist like 2 WEEKS AGO,and she said everything was FINE.Huh,yeah right.

I wanted to colour my hair yesterday,but ended up spending the whole day with JC's parents,which is always awesome (and they made the best lunch!),but now I'll probably not get another chance to colour my hair the rest of the week (mostly because I'm too lazy to do it after work).

I have no idea what to make for dinner,because whatever I think of making,it seems overdone and like we've eaten it every night the last month.When you have to make food for a hungry man (who only eats once a day),on a VERY restricted budget,ideas kind of become very few,very far between.And I'm not really a fountain of ideas to begin with anyway.

Saturday we are going to the optomotrist,which means a shitload of money on new contacts,cleaning fluid,new glasses and also,maybe new glasses for JC.He doesn't have medical aid,so everything has to be paid cash,which is a nightmare.Not only that,but I have to go to actual clothes shops to look for winter boots and some winter clothes.I hate shopping for clothes.I love shopping for toiletries,books,pet stuff,etc. but I HATE shopping for clothes.And the selection available is quite restricted (remember the very strict budget?).

Mostly I'm just irritated with nothing in particular,but when I feel like this,I usually will find something to fixate my aggression and feelings on,whether that something deserves to be the target or not.

At least this little someone was extra aborable this weekend,and slept on her mommy's lap a lot.Maybe she could feel my bad mood,and wanted to make me feel better.Hopefully I will soon.

(That's her daddy's pj pants which she proceeded to sleep on for the rest of the morning)


Ruggy13 said...

aww I def feel like my dog can tell when I'm upset... One time, I was drunk and puking (not my proudest moment) BUT, he was laying with me and when i got up to go to the bathroom he followed me in there, and sat with me, then came back to bed with me!! how freakin adorable!

creative kerfuffle said...

ugh--i have days/weeks like that. everything just pisses you off. i also hate coming up w/ ideas to make for dinner; hate clothes shopping but love toiletries, books, etc. shopping.
maya is soooo freaking cute.

Being Brazen said...

Hope tomorrow is better for you :) *hugs*

Mondays usually do suck...

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i hope some cheery stuff happens soon. hang in there!!! and hug that kitty when you are feeling down!

La Belette Rouge said...

THis Monday came too fast for me too. I wish it was Sunday all over again. Good luck with dinner and at the optometrist. I am making broccoli soup for dinner. I don't think it will be enough for your hungry man.

Awesome Sara said...

my cat keiko is the same way. she just gets me. i wish i could give you a hug or a drink to make you feel better.

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