Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness

1.) In your opinion, what is your biggest character flaw?

I don't believe in myself enough.I believe that if I was more confident and assertive,I would get a lot further in life.Oh,and also,I talk WAY too much.That tends to get on people's nerves.

2.) What do you think is one of the worst television shows ever created?

Oh hell,there are a LOT to choose from,but I would have to say...any and all game shows.First of all,the presenters are always super irritating douchebags,the contestants make me want to tear my hair out,and I get beyond pissed when other people win a lot of money/prizes while I get nothing.Pisses me right off.

3.) Have you ever ended up injured after trying an interesting new sex position?

Oh yes.My groin was seriously incapacitated after a particularly vigorous session.It wasn't so much a new move,as that the move went on for VERY long,and my legs kind of got spread out for a very extended period,in a very extended position.Very bad.Very sore,for like a week afterward.I couldn't tell my mom why I was walking funny.But I think she had her suspicions.TMI Tuesday anybody?

4.) How crucial do you think communication is between you and a regular sexual partner? Do you talk often about what works, what doesn't, things you want to try, etc or do you keep the discussions to a minimal and let the physical flow as it may?

We talk about it quite often,but not like into minute details.I don't really have to tell him what I like,since he can kind of figure that out from my loudness factor during sex.The louder I get,the better the sex is.Needless to say,I'm glad our next door neighbour (on our bedrooms' side) is half deaf.On the other hand,JC is very quiet and always looks very intense,so I ask him a lot of questions about his likes and dislikes.It keeps things interesting.

5.) Who are your favorite comedic actors/actresses?

There are a bunch I like,and so I can't really choose just one.But if I have to, I'd say

Will Ferrell


Tina Fey {big up to SNL!}.

6.) In what way(s) do you wish your childhood was different?

I wish that I had done more sports.I was a real bookworm,and preferred to forego much physical activity {as demonstrated by my utter inabillity to jog for even 5 minutes at a time}.Also,I wish I'd spent even more time with my dad.I regret being so pissy with him sometimes.

7.) Cotton Candy; Delicious treat or disgusting mess?

Delicious treat,for like 3 bites.After that it just gets to be a little too much.

{Questions courtesy of Wednesday Weirdness}


Ruggy13 said...

cute post! you crack me up!

Awesome Sara said...

i'm stealing your questionaire!!!

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