Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts.

* My lack of friends.
I was never a big 'friendmaker'.You know those people,who go around wherever they are,and just try (consciously or sub-consciously) to make as many friends as they possibly could.One best friend and maybe 2 or 3 other 'party friends' have always been enough for me.But I'm starting to really regret my somewhat anti-social tendencies.All my close friends live at least 2 hours away,so I rarely get to see them,and to be quite honest,in this small town I live,there really aren't any people I would want to really hang out with and party with,whether it be at a bar,or while having a braai (bbq for non-SA people) at our place.And I love just spending time with JC,but I'm seriously craving some all-female,drinking-smoking-talking crap-bitching friend action.I miss that a lot!

* Dinners.
I'm a lucky girl.JC only eats about once a day,which is dinner time,so I don't have to pack him lunches or anything like that,but I don't know what it is,but I just can't seem to think of anything good to make.I end up feeling like I've made the same thing every night for the last month.Which is ridiculous,but it feels that way.Do you all have any links or recipes for really easy,and very cheap meals?The cheapness is imperitive,since I'm as broke as they come,most of the time.

* Cleaning house.
I have a really,really small apartment.So small,when you stand at the front door,you can basically see the whole thing.And it's not even that cheap,but what can you do?What I was actually trying to get to,is that even though our flat is really small,I can never get myself to clean it.It takes some kind of jarring event (like the bedroom flooding) to get me to clean the apartment.I'm a very lazy domestic 'goddess',and would love to be a Bree van de Kamp that actually enjoys cleaning and all of that lovely stuff.It would make things a bit easier for me.I've set myself a goal to have the apartment as clean as I can get it by Saturday 3 o'clock.I'm hoping my laziness will subside,just a little bit,before then.


Ruggy13 said...

ok I'm not sure if you'll like this or not but... my dad would take a pound of ground beef and brown it and mix in one of those chili seasoning packets and a box of noodles. Once the noodles and chili were done you put it in a bowl and mix it up, sprinkle some shredded cheese and crackers if you want on it. It's pretty great if you like chili and meat and noodles. :-)

Let me know if you like it if you try it out

kel said...

Girlfriends are very important!! I would die without mine!! Go out and get yourself a gang of buds! Everyone is always looking to make new friends. good luck! Maegan said...

I'm kind of the same with girlfriends ..I prefer one or two really close friends ...but it is really fun to hang out with a large group of women every once in a while ...get's your girl power juices flowin' :)

Awesome Sara said...

i am emailing you some fab recipe sites! as for cleaning, i pick 1 thing to clean on a daily basis. my home always stays pretty organized and house work doesnt seem so daunting.

clorivak said...

i totally identify with the lack of friends thing..I've moved around a bunch and haven't kept in touch regularly with the awesome girls I used to hang with..also some being a couple hours away. I am craving an all girl party time excellent dealy thing so much most of my spare time is either by myself and kitties or my boyfriend.
You seem like a super cool chick and if we lived in the same spot...we'd have to hang..:P

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