Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today is Tuesday

Obviously it's Tuesday today,because yesterday was Monday,but I have to tell you,with all these holidays stuck in between the working days,and my thoughts of my mini-holiday,I'm having a bit of a hard time remembering what the real date and day is.

Tomorrow is election day,and JC has to work,which sucks,because he's going to wake me when he gets up,so no sleeping in late for me,but I am completely determined to spend the entire day in bed,reading.Heaven!I have a library book that I have to renew today,since it's already a week overdue,and I have yet to reach the centre of the book.Also,I want to get started on Twilight.Because I've had the book nearly a month now,and haven't even touched it yet.

I had another bad nights' sleep last night.For some reason there is this really strong wind,that has been blowing since yesterday morning,and of course everything rattled and shook,and irritated me all night long.I am a very light sleeper,and I always sleep with a pillow on my head to drown out the noises.Weird,but true.I also stubbed the toe next to the little pinky toe,and even though it doesn't look hurt,it hurt like hell all night,and as soon as I turned around and touched the foot down on the mattress,I would wake up from the pain.Not nice.

It's been a very tough month,financially,and I'm beginning to think we're going to have to eat only rice for the rest of the month,till payday.Although that looked pretty cool on the seasons of Survivor that I watched (about 10 seasons back),I really don't want that.But if any of you do have nice rice recipes,ways I could spice it up a bit,that would be greatly appreciated :)

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Namine said...

I hope you have more to eat than rice. Financial situations sucks, Hope it gets better

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