Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's raining,and not men

It's been raining like hell the past 2 days,and this morning,the above is what the river that runs alongside our town,looks like.In the middle of the pictures,where those bushes are,is where the river bank started,now the water has gone way over that - the river is officially more than twice it's normal width today.Our town's caravan park has already flooded,as well as the golf course,but luckily it probably won't go any further.Hopefully the bridge that one has to cross to get in and out of town,holds up and doesn't flood like it did last year.


sexypoet said...

holey rain! please send some rain my way, will ya? it has been so dry here and my tomato's need water..
go check my page.. i posted a new pic of the kitten. =)

ecotorium said...

wow. that river looks really swollen!

Namine said...

yikes, and I thought we had allot of rain! Thats just insane!

creative kerfuffle said...

wow. we had had a lot of rain up until this week (now it is hotter than hell and dry as dust) and we did have flash flood warnings but nothing like that!

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