Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday

*I'm a little upset,because there aren't any Wednesday Weirdness questions posted yet,although it's already Thursday.What's up with that?!

*I started Eclipse yesterday,and am on the 6th chapter.It's quite good so far,although they kind of extend some of the scenes unnecessarily.This makes some parts drag a bit.

*Last weekend we had lots of company and stuff,so I'm looking forward to having nothing to do this weekend,except lie around and watch tv.Heaven.Well,except for the fact that I am planning on washing every single piece of bedding/living room pillow covers,etc. and I am praying that the weather will hold until Saturday evening,at least (it's supposed to be winter,but it's been sunny and warm the whole week).

*I'm still on a Icanhazcheezburger-frenzy.Here's 2 I made:

(This is just a random pic I got off Love and Hisses)
(My Maya girl!)

*My youngest nephew turns 1 years old today!

*My 2nd youngest nephew turns 2 on Saturday!

*Sunday is Fathers' Day,and although it's already the 2nd one without my Dad,I'm not looking forward to spending the day without him.We will probably go put some flowers on his grave,although I don't spend a lot of time there.It just makes me sadder,going there.

*I am loving the colder evenings,because this has made Maya even more cuddly.She can't wait for us to get home,so she can come lie on one of our laps,and there she'll stay,unless we have to get up.I love it!

Well,I'm not going to bore you with too many random (boring) thoughts.Because I'll probably have some more tomorrow.


cybeel said...

ohhhh two blond cuties this time :)they are really soooow sweeet
ps- i wonder about Wednesday Weirdness too

Anonymous said...

I'm half way through Eclipse so hoping to finish tonight! Its quite good so far.

Namine said...

They are soo cute!!

creative kerfuffle said...

i can't wait for you to read all the twilight's so we can discuss : ) yes, i'm a pre-teen wannabe! LOL. is eclipse the second book? i think that might have been my fave. that's when i started liking jacob better than edward : )
and--you made lolcats?? omg--my kids have been wanting to do that.

creative kerfuffle said...

oh, and your nephews are too damn cute!

Awesome Sara said...

where is my weirdness on wednesdays!! i always like reading all about you. your nephews look so similiar! like adorable clones! i;ll take 4 please.

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