Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

{DISCLAIMER:Some semi- and fully foul language ahead.Do not proceed if this will bother you}

- Do you guys ever have one of those days where everything,and everyone,irritates the shit out of you?I can't even try to use 'cleaner' language because I'm just so irrationally pissed off today that I can't help myself.

- This morning started off with me discovering Cleo (neighbourkitty) in my lovely pot of catmint.I've been growing this stuff for about 2 months now,and it was looking awesome,but in about 10 minutes,that little white and ginger menace (who this whole time was absolute freaking clueless as to the existence of the catmint - even though she walks past sat her little scrawny but all over my little plants,and destroyed them.I am not happy about this,to say the very least.

- At my job,I help our accountant check invoices of different suppliers on the statements they send out every end of month.Well,this month,every bloody supplier seems to have decided that they are going to do their utmost best to make me want to slit my wrists.Anything that can be wrong on these statements,is wrong,and more.Delightful,right?

- I checked our home post box before work this morning,and discovered the bill from the orthodontist I went to see last month.I will put the amount in dollars,since most of you guys aren't from South Africa.The bill is in the amount of +/-$170.Which doesn't sound much,but if your salary is only about $500 (obviously,this sounds worse,but we work in Rands,so it isn't as completely awful as it sounds.Sort of) it kinda gets to you.Well,the problem with this bill is,the freaking orthodontists' office should've put in the claim to my medical aid themselves.Instead,they send me the bill and now I have to try to get through to my medical aid,which is sort of like communicating with the dead.Fucking impossible.

- The one weekend I was planning to actually do something outside,in the sun,the weather is predicting rain,rain and more rain.The whole of Saturday and Sunday.But I don't trust the weathermen anyway,so let's hope they are full of bullshit as always,and that it is sunny and warmish the whole weekend.

Well,that was my mini-vent for the day.As you have come to expect,LOLcats will soon follow to try and cheer my cranky ass up.They've got a tough job today,that I can assure you.

*UPDATE* The power was just off for 3 hours.Oh joy,my day is getting better and better - proceed to punch myself in the face - The End.


Adorably Distracted... said...

hope you have a better day :-)

drollgirl said...

oh god! what a shit day!

maegan and i were just saying that if we had nooses at work we would have hung ourselves by now. ugh. i hope tomorrow is a better day for you (and for me). :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh no! I hope tomorrow (today?) is better. I fucking hate days like that.

sexypoet said...

sending tons of big hugs your way.. hope you have a better week next week.. kick back this weekend and watch funny movies. (that should work) make sure to put dumb and dumber in your pile.. =)

Namine said...

yikes! Lots of Hugs!!

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