Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You always want what you can't have

In this case,a shower!I got home last night,made dinner and washed the dishes,and settled in front of the tv.JC showered at 6:45,since he gets quite dirty after a days' work (he's a boilermaker/fitter),and always showers before dinner.

Well,I don't.I shower at about 10pm,right before bedtime,since it's freezing cold at night now,and the nice warm shower warms me up before bed.At around 8,I hear the neighbours talking about water pipes and sure enough,when I got up to check the faucets,NO WATER.

Turns out a water pipe burst in the yard of a house that's about 6 houses down from us,but somehow this caused the entire block to be without water.Only in a small town,I tell ya.

So with the small amount of water left in the kettle,I managed to brush my teeth last night and this morning,and at least wash the most essential parts of myself.Also,we couldn't flush the toilet at all last night,but this morning I just had to,since I don't really want the apartment to smell like a used diaper.

I know guys are supposed to like 'dirty' girls,but this is just ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Poor you, its horrible not being able to use the shower.

Chatabox Girl said...

I nderstand how you feel! we live in a new sub division, and the water or power always seems to be off for some works or digging.

Hopefully it gets fixed for you really soon!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Yikes! I feel bad for you! Hopefully its turned on soon!

Namine said...

that is horrible. i would be complaining every hour.

cybeel said...

dirty' girls??? haa haa
Penny you're amazing. Love your sense of humor really :)

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