Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The beautifully creative Nicky Jane challenged me to give 10 true facts about myself.

Here goes:

1.I constantly dream about my cat.She features in almost every dream I have.
2.I can't eat something sweet without following it up with something salty.And vice versa.
3.After living with my boyfriend (who stutters) for 9 months,I also stutter a bit now.
4.I love where I'm living,but I would do anything to live somewhere by the sea,and wake up to an ocean view every day.
5.I have a mental block against high heels and never wear them.However pretty they are,all I can think of when looking at them,is falling flat on my face and painful bunions and blisters.
6.I prefer sleeping in mens flannel pyjamas.They may not be very hot and sexy,but they keep me hot,and very comfy.
7.When I cook,I never use recipes.As soon as I use a recipe,the dish is guaranteed to fail.
8.I always wear my socks wrongside out.That little ribbed part at the front of your toes irritates the crap out of me otherwise.
9.After years of longing for a tan skin,I've finally made peace with being deathly pale.My freckles,not so much.
10.I make pizza for dinner at least 6 times a month.Even if it only has banana on it,I make it anyway.


Anonymous said...

I have the fear of falling over in high heels too as I don't wear them often.

PJs are brilliant as they are sooooo comfy and warm.

Namine said...

love the PJs. Comfy is best!!
Banana's on a pizza.. interesting

creative kerfuffle said...

omg you're back! yeah! i haven't been reading/blogging for a few days. soooo glad you're back.
love the list. i don't do heels either, love pajama bottoms too.

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