Thursday, September 3, 2009

Awesome New Moon dream

I had the most awesome dream last night.I dreamt the New Moon movie became real,and I got to run around with Jacob,and eventually,right before waking up (damn alarm clock),making out with him!It was completely amazing.

I apologise to all the Rob fans out there,but in my mind,he just doesn't even come close to Taylor,even though I feel like a dirty old woman,just saying that about him.

The whole dream probably started because of these.Maybe,probably...


creative kerfuffle said...

jacob is hot, and yes i'm a dirt old woman for saying so. here's the thing--i like jacob's character better in the book but when it comes to the actors i do favor rob, though the guy that plays jake is hot too. i wouldn't have wanted to wake up from that dream either.

drollgirl said...

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT MOVIE!!!! must read the books. AGAIN. :)

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