Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Mundane Thoughts

* I was really sad yesterday (and to be honest,I still am today) because my neighbour's cat died yesterday morning.This is the older man who lost his wife only a few months ago,so this must be really tough to handle for him.He is very fond of his cats,since they are his only company at home,now that his wife is gone.I hope he's coping.

* JC and I spent the entire day with his parents,which is always a good time.We went to church in the morning (which is a very rare occasion for us,to be honest,but I really enjoyed it),and had a bbq with the yummiest salads imaginable.I might have eaten until my stomach couldn't get any bigger.But it's salad,so it's not that bad,right? :/

* JC's dad is a big fan of this card game called 'Sevens'.I've played the game with them a few times now,and still can't really remember all the rules.I lost nearly every game,but since we were playing for scores,my score ended up being the lowest over all,and so I WON!The boys were not happy about this.

* It's still 9 days before payday,and I'm actually not looking forward to it at all,since I've already worked out all the little expenses I have to pay in October,and things are not looking very rosy at all.

* One positive thing - it was the most gorgeous spring morning here.As I walked to work,the sun was just rising over the mountains,and there was still that chilly bite in the air,that's left over from winter.The perfect weather.So even though it's Monday (never the most popular day of the week for me,or anyone else for that matter) I'm feeling really good,if only about the weather.

* I watched 'Trailer Park Boys' this weekend,and though some of you might think 'WHY?!', I have to tell you,I thought it was funny.Like,they are so retarded and stupid,that they are actually really funny in the end.Also watched 'Zack and Miri make a porno',which I also thought was very funny,in a dirty kind of way.Last night,JC wanted to watch 'Gran Turino',and although it ended up not being at all what I expected from the movie,I thought it was a really good,and very touching movie.Clint Eastwood is a legend,and nobody does strong,silent,lone hero,like ole Dirty Harry.

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Anonymous said...

I won't have much money in October either as most of my money will be gone on bills! One day we will have money!

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