Thursday, October 29, 2009

Apartment envy

My neighbour girl is moving to a new,bigger apartment this weekend,and I'm having serious envy issues.So much so that I spent the whole night last night,dreaming of her new apartment.In my dream,the place is like a freaking mansion,even though,in reality it's just a 2-bedroom place,with almost no windows.So basically,it sucks.

But the thing I am envious about,is that second bedroom.I want one!Just imagine,a place to put all my extra crap that I don't want people to see,so the rest of the apartment can always look neat and well put together.

A girl can dream.

What are your homes like,big,small,cluttered,neat?


Superficialgirl said...

Lol big isnt always great! I remember my first apartment one bedroom and tiny but it was sooooo pretty. Now i live in a 3 bedroom one which is just HUGE and it takes forever to get anywhere and it def doesnt feel cosy :(

Adorably Distracted... said...

I would like to say it's neat but at the current moment it's not. We have a 3 bedroom town house. We use one for an "office" even though the majority of the time we sit on the couch with our laptops. And the other is a guest bedroom that still needs to be painted. Some times I wish we had something smaller so that it wasn't so hard to clean and keep together. For the most part it's clean though, I'm just slacking this week!

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