Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is Over

wow,can't believe that christmas is already over again.all that anticipation,and looking forward to some down-time,and's over.

so here's a basic roundup of what i did on my 4 days off:

wednesday evening my bf and i went to a bbq at his parents' house.we had a fish braai.not my favorite,but my baby did it so well,even i enjoyed the fish.afterwards i was designated as,and got to hand out all the presents.i even got 2 presents (some very nice wine glasses,so i can look classy when i drink my cheap wine.and lovely smelling body lotion,shower gel and even a bottle of perfume.that made me feel extra bad about not getting anyone else presents.)

on thursday (christmas day) we all went to church,where i naturally bawled through half of the service,missing my dad.luckily after church the sadness was gone.we had a great meal of everything you can think of,and after lunch,my bf and i went home to just relax and watch a movie.i didn't last long before falling into bed and just sleeping.all in all,a very good day.

friday,was not so fact,it was very bf and i had a fight and ended up being completely mad at each other the whole day.i got so mad,i went to my sisters' and got blindingly drunk.we went for a swim,afte which i don't remember much.i went to bed at like 6pm on friday afternoon.and basically slept through to saturday.

on saturday morning i was feeling horrified about the drunkenness of the previous day,and dreading what my bf was going to say,but he ended up not being mad at me about the things i said,and he said that he understood that i had some cropped up emotions and after all i had to drink,the beer tears were bound to start flowing.saturday night we had a braai for his dad's 50th birthday.the food was great,but after being in constant company with other people for 3 straight days,i was ready to just be on my own,and when we got home afterward,i just sort of fell into bed.but not before my bf gave me the cutest "drumming" show,set to the sounds of bon jovi and def leppard.very cute!

sunday was just laid back and lazy.there was nothing else to do but watch some tv and play with the kitty.she is getting very playful now and is turning into a little terror.but she is gorgeous,so i don't really mind.

all in all,the four days were very nice,with the exception of friday,but i wouldn't have done them any different.and i just got some good news this morning.we not only have new years' day off,we also get off early on the 31st,and we have jan 2 off as well!YAY!!!and i get my salary on the 31st as well,although my budget is extremely tight,but i will try to skim off some money for a good time for new years.can't wait!


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