Friday, December 19, 2008

trying to start blogging to give me something to do

i've been trying to start a blog for nearly a year now.i'm always either too busy or too lazy to actually start doing it.and then there's the fact that i don't really know what i want to blog about.because i don't want to put things on here that are too personal,because i like keeping personal things to myself.but then again,i would love to get all my feelings and thoughts out,so that they don't fester in my mind,and make me completely crazy.

so i guess i just won't name any names or places,but will talk about my daily experiences and thoughts and likes and might be a bit boring,but i just feel like i need a bit of a project to occupy myself.i get bored quite easily these days.

when i was younger,i could just sit around and watch tv or read a book,and that would be enough to keep me busy for hours.i didn't need someone around me,and actually preferred being alone most of the time.but after my fathers' death last year,that kind of changed.i've noticed that i constantly want company,someone to talk to,to touch whenever i want.and i am always looking for ways to not be alone.

i just moved in with my boyfriend,which is a huge step for us,and i sometimes wonder if i did it because i really want to live with him,or just that i don't want to live alone.but i must say,it's been going very well,and whereas before i would be very needy in our relationship,always getting upset when i couldn't get to see him,now that we live together,and i see him every night,i am much calmer and not as bitchy as before.which is a major improvement.

so hopefully i did it for the right reasons.


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