Friday, December 19, 2008

i like the hills

this blog won't be just all about my sometimes-depressing outlook on life,i want to obviously talk about things that i enjoy,and like as well.

right now,i really like 'the hills'.i got into the show from the very beginning,and since i don't watch other soapies,this is my guilty tv pleasure.i watch it every week,just to see how stupid some of the characters can be,and to ogle at how great the girls' make up and hair is looking.

my favorite character,is Audrina.she is just so cute and is one of the only ones that doesn't irritate me to the point where i want to pull my eyelashes over my eyes and superglue them shut.i love Whitney as well,and my favorite baddie is definitely Lo.she is such a lovely super bitch,and that makes for fun viewing.

even though heidi and spencer suck,the one character that is just beyond irritating,is stephanie.she really has no purpose,and cannot even say the few lines that she gets paid to say,in a convincing way.nothing she says,or any of her facial expressions,make any sense at all.

for any of you who also love 'the hills',do yourself a favor,and go over to this site:


this guy is funny as hell,and does the absolute best commentary on the show.i look forward to seeing his comments,almost as much as i look forward to seeing the show.

next week is the finale,and then i guess i will have to watch 'the city' to get my 'reality' fix,although it won't be the same without 'Oddrina'.LOL


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