Monday, December 22, 2008

the weather this week

i am so hoping that this week will be a bit cooler than the previous two weeks.we all know that the weather starts to get really hot around december time,but the last couple of years we've been lucky,and have had quite comfortable weather up until january,guaranteeing us a nice christmas.

well,this year the ozone has decided we should start suffering from the start of's been really hot,with temperatures daily going over 40 degrees gets to be unbearable after a while.and we still have about 5 months of this to look forward to.yay!

but last night,the weather forecast seemed to be in my favour for a showed that the weather for this christmas-week would not go higher than the early 30's.which in other circumstance would be very hot,but right now,is downright cool.

i sure hope those weatherpeople didn't make a mistake,i don't wana have to go mental on their asses about a silly thing as an erroneous weather forecast.


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