Friday, December 19, 2008

new kitten

a stray cat had 4 kittens in the roof of our apartment "complex",about a week before we moved in.and we've been living there for 3 weeks now,so on wednesday,one of the kittens,a very small black kitten,with blue eyes,became me and my boyfriends' first joint pet.

it's kind of a secret,because i also have 2 cats that live with my mom,and she will kill me if she finds out i got another cat.i can't help it,i love having a pet in the house,especially a cat.

the reason my other 2 girls are living with my mom,is because they are used to living in a nice big house,with a huge garden where they can play and roam around as they please.i just couldn't get it over my heart to take them away and force them to live indoors in a small flat.this new little one will be used to this flat,because she is going to grow up here,but my other 2 would be best suited staying where they are.

the only problem is,i have to still feed them,or at least pay for their food.which is quite a lot of money,seeing as they eat quite a large amount of food each month.but i don't mind doing it,seeing as my mom is doing me a huge favour by looking after them.although,i think they actually prefer living with her.they don't want me picking them up,or petting them,but they sleep by her feet every night and follow her like lovesick teenagers.they truly love my mom much more than they do me.traitors.


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