Friday, December 19, 2008

weekend plans

i was hoping to just sit at home all weekend and do absolutely nothing.i've had a bad week,with lots of people irritating me and just plain bugging me the whole time.and also the weather is really hot,so you can't actually go outside much to do something,well i can't,because i'll burn myself to a crisp.

but no,alas,it is not to boyfriend wants to go to his parents' house tomorrow night for dinner.and i know what dinner with them entails.lots of drinking and smoking,and i'm so broke right now,that i don't want to go out to any place where money has to be spent.i just want to stay in bed and relax.not even shower or anything.sounds gross,but when i'm in the mood that i'm in right now,even cleaning myself seems like a lot of work.

not only are we going to dinner tomorrow night,but on sunday,his sister is coming to visit for the day,and we're going to watch some new movies she just's ok,i guess,but again,i didn't really even want to get out of bed at this whole change of weekend plans is completely bumming me out.


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