Friday, January 16, 2009

Ashley Forrette Photography = Totally Awesome

I've been randomly going from blog to blog for the past couple of weeks,and although most of them are totally great (I especially love the ones where people are candid enough to share their personal lives - I guess I'm somewhat of a voyeur),the blog of Ashley Forrette,Clever Blog Name Here,is one of the best I've come across.

She is an extremely talented photographer,and with her camera in hand,it seems like she can make any subject look like a million bucks.She has mad skills of which I'm totally jealous,as well as the two most adorable dogs.Cue some more jealousy.

Check out her personal blog,or her photo blog it is just too beautiful to pass up.


drollgirl said...

ok, i want those DOGS!! so cute. will thoroughly inspect that blog over the weekend! thank you for the tip!

Ashley said...

mmmmmmwwwah! you're a peach!


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