Friday, January 16, 2009

Bummed/Excited about the weekend

I am all over the place about this weekend,because I am so excited to go visit my brother and sister-in-law,and to see the boys,because the last time I saw them was in the beginning of November.And Daniel is growing so fast now,that he's looking completely different already from that time.

But...I'm kind of freaking out as well,because JC won't be going along,because his lovely boss has decided,at the last minute,that they have to work tomorrow.Now I have to go choose a washing machine on my own,which is something I was looking forward to him and me doing together.As well as buying some kitty toys for Maya.Now I'm going to have to do it alone :-(

I know I'm over-reacting,but this will be the first time we are apart since we moved in together,and I always get a little (ok,very) depressed when he's not around.Not that I can't do anything without him,everything is just better and more fun with him around.Even if he's just in the next room,that already makes me feel better.

Luckily I'll have the boys to keep me busy,and some shopping to do.Yay!However,after this little shopping trip,I'll be R1000.00 in debt,and completely broke.

Ah well,it's time for me to go for the weekend.Hope you all have an incredible weekend,whatever it may be that you have planned.See y'all Monday!

For JC


drollgirl said...

i hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend! and it will be very fun to reunite with your boyfriend after you come home.

and is that your kitty? so cute! ADORABLE!!!!

Bon Don said...

Aww that's so sweet! I feel the same way about my Hubby too. Even after all these years together I still can't get enough of him!

Have a great weekend!

*Bon Don*

Errant Gosling said...

Very cute picture, and damn his boss for springing something like that. Cruel.

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