Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to work,back to reality

*sigh* I'm back at work.Even though I didn't really have a holiday per se, the days I had off over the big days (X-mas and New Years), have made me really lazy for work, and today I'm officially back to work, with no more off days to look forward to in the foreseeable future.This makes me very sad.

Well,I'll stop being completely depressed about that and just recap what my New Years' was like. In one word - quiet. Honestly, nothing at all interesting or remotely exciting happened. Not that it was a bad time, just uneventful. The best thing about my NYE was the AMAZING sex my boyfriend and I had at about 3 in the morning.But to be honest, even the memory of that has faded into the kind of boringness of the last few days,that I might just be imagining it actually happened.

Since we live in a really small town, there isn't really an abundance (what am I saying,ANY) parties to go to. So,on Wednesday, my boyfriend and I just went to my sisters' and we all played some drinking card games,after which I was sufficiently bored that I suggested we, once again,go to my boyfriends' parents' home. There,everyone was preparing to go to church at 12,so obviously no partying, which was kind of disappointing to say the least.

At about 5 minutes to 12, we got home,where we started listening to some of our favorite songs,and basically 'drunk-serenading' each other.Which is quite embaressing,seeing as I wasn't even all that drunk.Either way,it was a very quiet night,and to be honest,I actually preferred it that way.Although I am kind of in the mood for a 'go crazy' type of party,where I can just let loose and forget my worries.

Of course, my weekend wouldn't be complete if I wasn't sick for half of it.On Saturday, I had a lovely little stomach bug,which made me nautious,gave me stomach cramps, a fever and a crabby mood. I basically slept for the whole day,ruining the lovely day of relaxing and doing nothing I had had planned. And worst of all, now my boyfriends' family all thinks I might be pregnant. I told them "Of course I'm not pregnant!"... but in the back of my mind I was thinking "God,I hope I'm not pregnant!"


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