Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I cannot believe it's New Year already

this year has been a roller coaster of emotions and new experiences that have shaken me to the core sometimes.i've cried more this year than probably ever in my life,and yet,all of it wasn't father passing away has made me grow up a lot this year,leading to me and my boyfriend moving in,anyone who knows my boyfriend,will know that him moving in with me is a miracle.he is a real mama's boy,although he will always deny that very strongly.but suffice it to say,he had a very comfortable life living at home,with everything being done for him like a little kid.he turned 30 this year for goodness sake!it was time he made a move.

as for me,i moved out of home for the first time in my life,at the age of 25,in march was quite tough,and i realised quickly that me living completely on my own,wasn't going to be a success,ever.i become completely depressed and even though i love the independence,i've seen that i prefer living with at least one other person,just so that when the loneliness and blues are about to get too much,there will almost always be someone that i can just sit and relax with.because really,that's mostly all i need to make me feel drug can take away my sadness.only good company.

i gained 3 cats this year,and basically lost 2 of them ran away,he was the one i sort of 'inherited' along with my old apartment.he was the most lovable,amazing black cat you've ever seen,but after my apartment got flooded in july,and i had to move back in with my mother,he ran away,because he couldn't handle living with another fully grown female cat,as well as 3 dogs.also my best friends' cat had kittens,and she gave me the littlest my eldest female cat,and the little one i got from my best friend,are now living with my mother at her house,because they both grew up there,and i just feel that if i took them away with me,and made them live in a small apartment,they would either act up very badly,or run away.and i don't want to take any chances like i just buy them a months' supply of food at the beginning of every month,and they live with my mom.

my boyfriend got this new little one 2 weeks ago.although i didn't really put up much of a fight about keeping can i say?i love cats,and feel sorry for any cat having to live on the street.

anyway,i've gotten sidetracked by the cats,but like i said in the beginning,every year flies by faster and mom always says that the older you get,the faster time goes by.and i truly feel that is completely true.

i'm just thankful we all survived this year,and that we are not still in exactly the same situations we were in last year this time.some things have changed for the better,some for worse,but although i like things to stay the same all the time,i also understand that for life to be worth living,things have to change and evolve.i just hope and pray that 2009 will be a peaceful,interesting and fun year.i don't need another nail-biter like 2008!


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