Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeling very sad and insecure - again

I know that one isn't supposed to judge yourself by what other people are like or what they have.But honestly,that is the only way I do judge myself.

Starting a blog,I didn't really know how I wanted it to turn out.Should I tell all my personal details,or keep some secret?Should I put celebrity stuff in here,or just normal everyday stories about my life?I didn't even know what I wanted it to look like.And to be honest,I don't really know how to personalise my blog,and make it look really cool.I'm just not that smart and experienced with this whole blogging thing yet.

Everyday,I read and discover new personal blogs by a big variety of people,and every single time I get really green with jealousy at the wonderfully interesting lives these people live,and their amazing abillity to write a post,even about the most mundane things,and make it sound incredible.When writing talent and creativity were handed out,I was surely playing hookie or WAYYY back in the line.

But I'm going to try and not worry so much about what I think my blog should be like,or look like or how it compares to others,because at the end of the day,I'm probably the only one reading my blog,and it is just a way to keep busy and entertain myself.Hopefully I will become more creative with my blog,and make it better as time goes by.


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