Monday, January 12, 2009

Freaking hell I'm bored with myself!

Argh!I am so over spending time with myself.This weekend,just like all the others in the last two months,consisted of doing basically nothing.And although it is nice to relax and let down my hair at home,I am dying to leave town a little and DO something...anything.I'm not picky.

On Friday evening the boyfriend and I basically vegged out on the couch,eating chicken and chips,watching old James Bond movies and laughing at the kitten attacking the chicken bone like it was her mortal enemy.One must note that the chicken bone was nearly as long as her,and probably also weighed nearly the same as her.Eventually she sort of got over the whole bone thing,and I threw it in the rubbish bin.A while later I realised she was missing.Now,our apartment is basically only three rooms.The livingroom/kitchen in one,the bedroom and a miniscule bathroom.So there isn't a whole lot of options for her to disappear to.I could hear her wriggling around somewhere,and discovered where she had disappeared to.The rubbish bin.She had jumped from a little side table,into the rubbish bin,to get back the chicken bone she had attacked earlier.Obviously,she wasn't done.My little hobo-cat.

We had a little mini-drama on Friday night as well.At around 8 pm my boyfriend decided to take a shower,before our first movie was scheduled to start.Afterwards,he told me the shower now looked more like a bath,because the water wasn't going down the drain,but instead staying exactly where it was.I wasn't too worried,because the shower had been doing this for a couple of weeks,but the water usually seeped out in a relatively short time.However,3 hours later,I went to take my shower,and the water level was exactly the same as after his shower!And by now the water was cold as well.So I had a quick 2 minute shower,and hoped that the shower wouldn't overflow while I was in there.

So Saturday morning,I got up to use the toilet,and checked the shower again,and sure as s***t,there was still water left from the night before!And now,the shower was dirty as well.Now,if anything about me is true,it's the fact that I hate cleaning,especially on the weekends.JC (my boyfriend) decided to get to the bottom of the problem,before I had a breakdown,and could possibly injure him in the process.

Bottom line,he pulled out the biggest hairball out of the shower drain pipe,that I have ever seen.It looked like a huge,dead sewage rat.Extremely disgusting to say the least.Now he keeps going at me that it was my hair,even though we've only been in the apartment for about a month.So if it were my hair,I'd have to be bald right now.Which,thank God,I'm not.

After that little problem was fixed,I forced JC into making Maya (the kitten) a little scratchpost.Since we are completely broke,we used scrap pieces of wood,and wool,to make a little welfare scratchpost,until I can get to a petshop and buy her a better one.Poor little angel probably felt sorry for her mom and dad for trying so hard,so almost immediately after JC finished it,she was jumping around on it,scratching away.I'm just afraid in a few months time,she's going to weigh a LOT more than the scratchingpost.

Saturday afternoon my sister and my niece came to visit,we had a few drinks and had a braai.While sitting in the living room having a drink,my sister was so enthralled by the cuteness that is Maya,that she accidentally dropped her drink and managed to spill it over like 3/4 of the living room and kitchen.A magic drink.And I swear to you all,not only did she mop the floor,my boyfriend mopped it,and I later mopped the floor twice,but the floor is still sticky!I don't know what the hell is in that drink,but it is never coming into my apartment again.It is the drink of the devil,because it forced me to clean the apartment.And on a Saturday evening no less.

Sunday morning I realised I had to go do some laundry,otherwise JC would have no clean work clothes today,so I went to my Mom's house (which also serves as my 'laundromat' until I get my own washing machine) and did the washing in record time.It was really,really hot outside,and with my fair little skin,I had to run around hanging up the washing like I was competing on American Gladiator or something.Hell,cleaning the house,and some physical exercise all in one weekend.That's a new record.I guess I didn't do as little as I thought.Well,by my standards anyway.

Either way,this weekend my mom,niece,JC and I are going to Wellington to visit my brother and his wife.I can't wait,because I haven't seen my nephews in like 2 months,and the little one,Daniel,seems to have grown a bunch since then (according to the pictures I've seen).Even though we're not really going to party,I think it will still be really good for JC and me to get out of the house for a weekend.We've been kind of like hermits the last month,and it definitely makes us get on each others' nerves more than we should.So yeah,can't wait for Friday!


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