Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm just not that into Summer

People can be seperated into two very different types of people.It's quite simple.On the one side you have winter people and on the other you have summer people.

I am a definite winter-person.There is nothing I love more than being at home,sitting on the couch,watching a good movie,all snuggled up,while the rain is pouring outside,or it is freezing,to the point where I have to wear not only my pj's,a coat,two pairs of socks and a scarf,but also this cooky looking cap my mom knit for me a few winters back.I love it,and can't wait each year for the weather to turn cold.I literally count down the days,until it is supposed to start getting colder.

Why do I love winter more than summer you ask?Well,that's pretty easy to answer,and here are some of my reasons:

1.You can warm yourself up,but you can't make yourself cool in the summer (we only have an ancient aircon in our apartment,and that is only in the living room,so if you go into the bedroom,you're shit out of luck.Also,we don't have a pool,so swimming is out of the question.)

2.There's no sweating.None,except when you're maybe exerting yourself during sexy times with your lovie.Which isn't the bad kind of sweat anyway.What is the 'bad' kind of sweat do you ask?Well,it's the kind where you just got out of the shower,you've hardly done anything more than put on your make up or tied your shoes,and yet the sweat is already running down your back into all the cracks and crevices that seem to be made to catch your sweat.

3.No mosquitoes.Now this is a BIG reason to love winter,because I've got to tell you,I am dying from the itchiness of about 20 mosquitoe bites right now,all centred around my ankles.Either the mosquitoes are loving my B- blood type,or I am just inherently pre-disposed to be bitten more by the buggers,because my boyfriend,who sleeps next to me every single night,has yet to sport a single,freaking bite.Little assholes.

4.You have an excuse to stay in and procrastinate.Because to be honest,I love to do nothing.I can do nothing pretty much all the time,and not even feel the tiniest bit guilty about it.Unfortunately,doing nothing seems to be frowned upon by a lot of the people I know,because a lot of them seem to feel like if you stop doing something for one minute,you will fall down dead,right there on the spot.So come winter time,when it is cold and raining,it is so lovely to decline offers for parties,bbq's and other types of gatherings where things are required to be done,based on the fact that it is too cold to leave the house.Excuse given,problem solved.

Now,I'm not saying that summer is completely bad,I mean almost everything in life has some good in it.I do like the fact that the day is longer in summer and that there are more pretty flowers about to look at.Also there is nothing cuter than little kids only walking around in diapers because it's too hot for clothes.Especially if they have those little Buddha bodies (like my one nephew).

However,I am a VERY fair-skinned,originally (although I have dyed my hair so many times,my hair is now quite uncertain what its natural color is supposed to be) red haired,green-eyed girl,so living in a very sunny,warm country like South Africa,can be like a death sentence to me.Death by UVB and UVA rays.I have the freckles and messed up skin to show for years of trying to survive summers in South Africa.Not unlike some people have battle scars to show in which wars they've been.

So,after years of trying to turn myself into a tan girl,I finally gave up,and have,for the last 8 years or so,turned myself into a spectacle every time I do something summery like going swimming or going to an outside bbq.I wear longsleeved shirts,slatherings of 50 SPF sunblock,a variety of hats and huge sunglasses.Even my friends (who all,by the way,have lovely tanned,dark skin) laugh at me every time and actually make fun of me.But alas,this is my curse,and I will have to carry it,for all eternity.

But I guess covering up is a MUCH better alternative to looking like this.

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junebugjerry said...

heya, i saw you're support comment to a sasha inspired blogger and thought i'd come over and show some support of my own lol
if you wanted to check mine out its

p.s. i'm a winter person too =]

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