Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am basically a friendless loser.Right?

Ain't this the truth.
As you know,I live in a small town,and therefor there aren't that many people to choose from that you would want to spend your precious time with.

Be honest,even for people living in huge cities,where literally millions of people live,it is still hard to find good friends.Now imagine doing that in a town with like 10 000 people.Odds are,in all the 10 000,there might be one or 2 that are at least a little compatible with you.

Let's examine my real friendships (I'm not talking about acquaintances or drinking buddies),I'm talking people you would want to be stuck with alone on a deserted island for a year kind of friendships:

In school,I always had my one best friend,from 3rd grade until 12th grade.In high school,we enlarged our friend circle a little,by adding 3 other girls to the mix.It wasn't always a good thing,but even though my bestie and I are completely different people,we stuck together,and remain the best of friends to this day.

The problem is,after school,everyone moved on and away.I am the only one of the 5 girl friend circle still living in our small town.And I'm only really friends with two of the girls anyway.My bestie lives 3 hours from me,so we are lucky to see each other 3 or 4 times a year,because work and money are always interfering with our plans.

Other than these girls,I've only ever really had one other close friend,and that's my sister.She is 4 years older than me,but sometimes I feel like I am just as,if not more,mature than she is.So we are basically on the same level.We have always had a really special bond,and we are almost like an old couple,who finish each others' sentences and know each other so completely,that it's actually scary.She lives just up the road from me,so we remain close,even though life has changed dramatically for both of us.

And last,but not least,my Mr.Lover-lover,JC.He and I were sort of friends before we got together,and the cement of our relationship is definitely the fact that we are best friends now.We can talk about anything,and do anything together,and even if one or the other gets mad about something,the argument will just dissolve itself,and we are back on track.His friendship has been the most unexpected thing in my life,and the best.I don't know what I would do without him.

So to recap,I basically only have 4 friends.People that I share everything with and who share everything with me.And by association their partners,so let's make it 7 people.

Is having only 7 good friends in this world too little?Am I a loser?Because I read about people,and see people with literally hundreds of friends who they seem to be really close to,and it makes me feel a little inadequate.

However,I've always been a firm believer in 'quality over quantity'.

What do you think?

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drollgirl said...

i think you are doing just fine. it is better to have a few keepers than a bunch of expendables. and i have a sister that is one year younger than me, and i think she is pretty much the best person on earth to hang out with/communicate with/be sister's with. that is so cool that you do, too. and your bf is your bf. fantastic!

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