Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stupid people


The building I work in has a showroom in front where the new vehicles for sale are displayed,with floor to ceiling windows facing the main street of our town.

I specifically say floor to ceiling windows,because they are clearly windows,and even though they are cleaned thoroughly twice a week,they are not completely invisible,and there are alluminium panels spaced about 1 metre from each other all over the glass 'wall'.

So it amazes me how so many people can come in through the front door,do their thing inside,and then take a different route (to another part of the windows in front),and proceed to walk face first into one of these windows.

Just now,a man did this exact thing.The imprint of his face is clearly imprinted on the window now,so I'm assuming it must have hurt like a mofo.But to me he should be more afraid of his own stupidity than any damage he might have caused to his face.

Cos a broken nose you can fix,but stupid is forever.

1 Comment:

drollgirl said...

omg. that must be hilarious. i would consider that your daily free entertainment. bha hahahahah! BAM! d'oh.

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