Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I feel very sorry for Barack Obama

WARNING: These are my personal thoughts,so if you don't agree,then we'll just have to agree to disagree.Thanks.

So,everybody and their grandmother has given their input on President Obama and the hope and change that he will bring to America during this difficult time of recession.How he will be a very welcome change to George Bush's presidency of the last 8 years.

Trust me,even though I live in South Africa,I would love nothing more than for America,the strongest nation on earth,to get back on it's feet,and once more be the land of milk and honey.Let's face it,if America's happy,then it's more than likely that the rest of the world (or at least the supporters of America) will also be happy.

This is why I hate to be the bearer of sort of bummer news.

Barack Obama is not a super hero.He is not a miracle worker.

He therefor cannot completely undo the mess that has been accumilated over the last 8 years.This poor man would have to be in a million different places at the same time to achieve such a feat.

Already people,even people who are supposedly Obama supporters (like Perez Hilton),are acting like he is not doing a good job so far and might not live up to expectations,and could be a disappointment.

News flash!This poor man has been set up to be a disappointment from the very start!He is never going to live up to the expectations that has been pushed onto him.Because people want things to be all good,all the time.And that is impossible,no matter who your president is.

Take South Africa for example.In 1994 we had our first democratic elections,and the legend Nelson Mandela became our president.People rejoiced and saw the dawning of a new era for our beautiful country.But in all honesty,nearly 15 years later,I feel we are not really any closer to the country that at that time,we had all dreamed we would be living in right now.There is still poverty,corruption,murder,rape,etc.

Just like us,America is down in the 'gutter',and the only way I can see either of our nations getting out of this 'gutter',is if the people stand together and work together to make a change.If the people help each other instead of trying to break each other down.

One man cannot change a nations' fate.Although I think Obama is the man for the job,because he is an amazing symbol of all that can be achieved through perseverence and hard work,and hopefully people will be inspired by that to such an extent that they will be forced into action.Positive action.

Viva the people of the world!We are the ones that can make a difference,so let's do it.


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