Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I hate answering telephones

Ok,seriously.I must genetically be a man or something,because aren't ALL women supposed to love telephones?Talking on them,texting with them,etc.?

Well,I don't.Even if my bestest of best friend calls me,I always turn into this awkward conversationist,either totally silent with nothing to say,or babbling like a madwoman,in order for there to be no strange pauses in the conversation.I hate awkward pauses.

While I hate talking on the phone,I've accepted the fact that part of my job is sometimes answering the phone,when our receptionist is busy on her line.I do it with pleasure,because I don't actually have to talk much,just put the people through to whomever they need to talk to,or otherwise take messages.

However,recently,our receptionist has taken to letting all calls come through to me,because she is 'too busy' to answer the phone and type up memos.Geez,like it takes a rocket scientist to do that.I mean,we live in a really small town,so everything is done at a slower pace,there really isn't a reason why she would need someone to help her answer the freaking phone.

But what bugs me the most of me having to do basically half her job,half of the time we are at work,is the fact that she just expects me to do it.She never asks me if I'm okay with doing it,or thanks me for helping out.That really busts my nuts.So to speak.

I just want to walk over to her and say "Listen,I know you're as dumb as dirt,but do you think you can please answer the bloody phone,because you've been doing this job for like 16 years,so one would think you've figured out how to multi-task.And if you haven't,please take yourself home,go lie in bed and count your fingers,because that is clearly the most challenging job you are qualified to do."

But since I try to be a nice person,I'll just have to vent here,and leave her in peace.But one can dream.

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drollgirl said...

Your post is hilarious and I feel your pain! I hate the phone. HATE. THE. PHONE. It really chaps my hide when I email people and they insist on CALLING back instead of replying to emails. MADDENING. Sorry for the rant, and love your blog!

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