Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sticky Floors

As I previously mentioned,my sister was kind enough to spill her entire glass of Hunter's Extreme Cider on my kitchen/living room floor on Saturday afternoon.After repeated (failed) attempts at getting the stickiness off the floor,I am ready to accept that someone was murdered in or near my apartment,and they are manifesting themselves as stickiness on the apartment floor.
Because seriously,that shit won't come off!Everywhere I walk,my feet stick to the tiles,and that obviously also means any and all pieces of dirt (like dust or little pieces of fluff) stick to the floor like Britney Spears' weave to her head.It doesn't look good,and won't come off.

But our cleaning lady at work has kindly given me some of her cleaning solution to try out tonight.So hopefully that will clear me of this insanity.

PS: have I ever mentioned how much I HATE cleaning?!


Cheryl said...

Water, vinegar, detergent.
It'll come right off.

...love Maegan said...

um, no, the stickiness will never go away. never. good luck :)

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