Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm SO thankful for this

Going through all the blogs I follow,I saw this article by Jessica,and it got me thinking about how thankful I am for the boyfriend that I am so lucky to have.

The thing with JC and I is,we had a kind of 'friends with benefits' thing going for nearly 2 years.For me it had turned into serious and very strong feelings long before that,but he had been hurt badly by a previous girlfriend (who also happens to be my best friend - scandalous,I know), that it took him a lot longer to come round to the idea of being actual boyfriend and girlfriend.

By the time we started getting serious,he had only had about a month that he hung out with my dad,because my dad passed away in December 2007.After that,he started spending much more time with me and my mom and sister (who he was actually friends with long before he and I got together).My brother and eldest sister live quite a long way from us,but as soon as he met them,they all got along like a house on fire.My boyfriend,my brother and my brother-in-law are now like the three amigos whenever they come together.Secretly I adore the fact that they get along so well,because it makes my boyfriend feel really special,and I know how full of shit my brother can be about new people,so for him to accept my boyfriend so quickly,was a blessing.

My mom.My mom is the strongest,smartest,most independant woman I have ever known.She is not the touchy feely type of mom,but with her,you will always know how to handle any and all obstacles that come your way,and she will always be there to help you.My mom can be kind of,oh how do I say it nicely?Direct.Yes,she is very direct,and will tell you to your face what she really thinks of you,whether that thought be good or bad.Sometimes that can be a good thing,but I've been majorly embaressed by this trait of my mom's,with her even once telling a girl friend of mine how fat she had gotten.My mom doesn't see the necessity for subtlety.

Anyway,she was the one I was most worried about my boyfriend meeting.I thought she would tear him apart at first sight.Yet,in some incredible turn of events,they have bonded almost like mother and son.She asks him for advice on things she thinks he might know about,she cooks him some of his favorite meals when she knows we're coming over,and the 2 of them can sit and watch rugby all day long,and have a running commentary the whole time.

I don't really believe that one should have to worry about your other half and your family getting along,but if they do,it sure makes life a whole lot easier.Lucky for me,JC's parents are incredible people,who are already like my second family to me.He only has 2 sisters and we don't really see them very much,but when we do,we always have a good time.

I'm really thankful for having peace between my loved ones,and hope that all of you can have that same luck.And if you don't,remember,there's little a few stiff drinks can't make better.

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drollgirl said...

oh, you have the man of your dreams! that is AWESOME!!!! it is so great when all get along. and he sound like a wonderful guy. and i am so sorry to hear that your father passed away. i can't imagine how difficult that was, but at least you are surrounded by some many others that love you. hold on to that man and make him happy, and he better do the same for you. wheeeeeeeeeee!!!! i love to hear about happy relationships!!!!!!!!

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