Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 3 Favorite People (except for my mother)

In bed together (lol).JC looks like he's in a totally different picture,all sideways
JC,trying to look cool with his beermug and limegreen beach buggie
The cutest couple (even though F is sporting the doofiest looking hairstyle,ever
Like I said,my 3 favorite people in the world!

I've talked about my best friend,L,before,and today I'm really,really missing her.We haven't seen each other in almost 7 months,and the strain is starting to show.I love that girl so much,it breaks my heart not seeing her as often as I want.

Even though I wasn't very fond of my school years,she was always there for me,and it was so cool to be able to just nip around the corner to each others' houses,and spend all afternoon just talking and hanging out.I really miss that.

Also,she and I now share a deeper bond,after both losing our fathers in 2007.Her father died in a car accident,and mine had a heart attack.It's really strange that us being so close,should go through very much the same heartache so closely timed together.

I can remember being so devistated for her when her father died,and she was actually with me when I heard that my father had died,so that meant a lot to me.

But enough sad stuff,or I'll burst out in tears...again.

She and her boyfriend started dating at the beginning of 1999,when we were in 10th grade.He is only a year older than us,but at the time,I hated him,and seriously couldn't see what she thought was so hot stuff about him.But luckily,through the years,he and I have become really great friends,and I absolutely love hanging out with him,because he is always full of action,and the life of the party.

When my boyfriend and I started dating,things between us four were a little awkward,to say the least.Let me explain.My boyfriend was my best friends' first boyfriend.She dumped him for her current boyfriend.My boyfriend had been really hurt by that,but now that we were together,I worked really hard to let them all get along,seeing as what happened is ancient business,and besides,I knew that my boyfriend,and my best friends' man,would get along like a house on fire,if they actually went to the trouble to get to know each other.

And I was right.As usual.They are now great buddies,that get up to all kinds of mischief when we get together.Their birthdays are even only 2 days apart.

Anyway,what I really am saying,is that these 2 people are my bestest friends in the whole wide world,as well as the coolest couple I know.They both are just so effortlessly good at everything they do.It is always inspiring.

I love you guys!

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Snickerdoodle Champagne said...

What a neat story! Thanks for sharing.... :)

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