Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sleep Talking

My sweetie,sleeping with Maya on his chest

My boyfriend is the most adorable thing when he's sleeping.He gets to sleep in like 5 minutes or less,and when he's asleep,it basically takes a stampede of some sort to wake him up.

I can manouver him whichever way I want to,and he will not even flinch,which sometimes makes for lots of fun if he goes to bed before me.In the beginning,I would get really scared while sleeping with him,because he doesn't move at all,and he sometimes looks as if he isn't breathing.Luckily I've realised he is just a very quiet sleeper.Except for the cutest freaking thing ever...his sleep talking.

And I'm not talking about just a few words,but sometimes a whole conversation.And he always ends his 'conversations' by rubbing my arm or back or something and chuckling and telling me "Don't worry,don't worry".This makes me think he basically has the same conversation in his sleep every time,because it always ends the same.

It is too adorable for words.This is just one of the many quirks he has that just make me love him even more.


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