Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My niece and nephews

We'll start with the youngest first.This is Ludwig, he is my eldest sisters' (who is 8 years older than me) first and so far only child.In the pic above,he poses with me,and you can see that he is quite a seriouslooking chap,but he is now nearly 7 months old,and is quite a bit friendlier now

Just before his bath,looking like a real doll

Luckily Ludwig closed his legs just in time for this pic

Like I said,very serious

I love this pic!He looks like someone just scared the crap out of him,but his eyes actually always look that way.He has huge eyes

This is Daniel.He is my brothers' (who is 1o years my senior) youngest boy.He is nearly 2 years old and is the strong silent one.He has always looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy,but has recently started stretching and generally getting a lot bigger.That saddens me,because he is my little cuddly bear,and I like him just like this.

This pic reminds me of that chameleon in "Dr.Doolittle" that couldn't change to any color except green?And in the end,the doctor paints a whole room green just so the chameleon would blend in.I can just imagine Daniel thinking "Look!I am blending in,I am completely invisible!"

We are a family of big eaters,and Daniel is proudly,and with gusto,keeping that tradition alive
Look at that killer smile!
This is the latest picture I have of him.Look how big he is,and he actually has hair!

This,is Andreas.He is Daniel's older brother.He just turned 5,and is an endless bundle of energy.He was my first nephew,and even though he hardly ever sits still,he is a real lady charmer,and loves giving out hugs and kisses.That is,if you can corner him long enough.

Guess who is numero uno?At the age of 5,his hands and feet are already nearly the same size as mine.He's gona be a big boy

This was after his first real haircut last January.He usually wears his hair quite long,which I think looks gorgeous,but this makes him also look so cute,like a big boy

One of his favorite things to do - go fishing with his dad

Here Andreas was about 2 years old,and he would do anything you told him to.Even wear his hair like a girls'.I think he looks gorgeous

This is Zané,my other sisters' (who is 4 years older than me) daughter,and my only niece.She just turned 8,and is going to 2nd grade this year.She is a little smartypants,and is like my little friend,because we do everything together.Fun fact - she is the only child I know who watches absolutely no television whatsoever,except for a video we taped of the Little Britain series,which she loves,even though she doesn't even understand english yet

She is an avid little netball player

Her mum is a hairdresser,so we get to fool around with some wigs

Some toast and Marmite,yum

She has the most beautiful curly hair.Like little coils

So there you go,my pride and joy.I love these kiddies as if they were my own,but luckily they aren't mine,and as soon as one poops his diaper or makes a mess in the living room or throws a tantrum in the supermarket, I can joyfully return them to the arms of their parents (my siblings) and have a restful night sleep,until one day,I have my own.Which hopefully,won't be very soon!


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