Thursday, January 8, 2009

How should I "seize the day"?!

Life is really short and every minute should be appreciated and made the most of.Right?This is something life coaches and spiritual leaders have been ramming down our throats for ages.And in essence, I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.

But lets be completely honest here.Who has time to “seize” the day,when you have to be up for work every morning at whatever ungodly hour, only have enough time to make yourself presentable,before going to your office (or wherever you work) for easily 60 % of your day.And at work,there really isn’t all that much time to give attention to the finer things in life,because there you only have time for deadlines,meetings and whatever other terrifying,time-consuming tasks you are dealt every day.

So,you’re done with work for the day, and after you’ve navigated your way home through all the other tired and grumpy people on their way home,well,that’s when the real work starts.Even if you are single and have no children,at home there is always something that has to be done or fixed or dealt with,for example: cooking,cleaning,walking the dog,fixing some or other appliance that you’re too cheap to replace,catching up on your family,etc,etc.

By the time the house is clean,and everyone fed, most people probably have an hour or two where they can just veg out in front of the tv or sit with their other half or children and just talk.And then it’s off to get clean before you go to bed,and then you go to sleep.Your day in a nutshell.

Or at least,MY day in a nutshell.I really want to be one of those people that,even though they are extremely busy every day,always make time to do something artistic or out of the ordinary,just so I can be able to say at the end of the day,that I actually DID something,and didn’t just float through the day,like I do every other day.

So what can I, on every average day, do to make life more interesting and worthwhile?


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