Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What would you do?

To help the day pass a little quicker,I thought I would do another little questionnaire.You might notice,I do these very often because I love them,and this is my blog,so no one can stop me.Here goes:

Question #1
What would you do if you were in a corner and a snake was staring you down?

I would first pee my pants,depending on how big the snake was,and probably just stand there until the snake left.

Question #2
If you were standing at the top of the Eiffel tower?

I would yell "I'm the Queen of the World!"

Question #3
If you were on the moon?

Be scared shitless.I am very afraid of outer space.

Question #4
If you had x-ray vision

Go to a casino and start playing high stakes poker.

Question #5
If you could fly

Go for romantic weekend getaways,a LOT more.

Question #6
If you were a contestent on American Idol?

I would sleep with anyone I could to win.

Question #7
If you had 3 legs

I would be spending a lot more on shoes.

Question #8
If you had no ears

I wouldn't be able to wear my sunglasses.Which sucks.

Question #9
No eyes?

I would always wear sunglasses.Everyone would just think I'm some kind of celebrity.

Question #10
If you had 15 brothers?

Probably end up a virgin at 50.

Question #11
If you woke up naked in the park?

I would think that that was a hell of a party last night.Booya!

Question #12
If you woke up next to your best friend's significant other?

Act as if I have no idea what happened.

Question #13
If you won 100 million dollars

Retire,buy an island,and live there until I die of liver failure.Or a heart attack from over-eating and partying too much.

Question #14
If you had 500 pounds of cheese

I would have very high cholestorol.

Question #15
If you were in the library and had gas

Cough and then fart as I was coughing.And just hope to God it doesn't smell too bad.

Question #16
If you were 100 miles from any city and your car ran out of gas

I would have a major panic attack,and then probably wait and see if someone came by.

Question #17
If a blizzard dumped 10 feet of snow where you live?

Stay in and watch movies all day.

That was fun.I think I'll do another one later.Mwahaha!


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