Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's official,some animals are DEFINITELY smarter than some humans

A friend of mine emailed me this video last night,and it was so adorably clever,I just had to share it. This is the type of thing that proves people wrong when they say animals are behind humans in the brains department.Because honestly,I know some people who could come to these birds for lessons.

Side story
Seeing these black crows,made me think of my great uncle (on my mothers' side).He lived in Fort Beaufort,Eastern Cape,South Africa,which is a predominantly Xhosa speaking area.He found a baby black crow in his backyard one day,and decided to raise it as a pet.

Amazingly,this crow was a great mimic,and would start to say words that he had heard from the people of the house.And since my uncle had a Xhosa speaking cleaning lady,who frequently spoke to the crow,the crow ended up being able to have small 'conversations',in Xhosa.Also,he could count to ten in English,and sing a few songs.

Unfortunately,the crow died a few years ago,right after my great uncle,but everytime I see a black crow,it makes me think of him.


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