Friday, January 9, 2009

Yay yay it's Friday!

I'm as happy as a cat who stole some cream today.It's really cloudy out this morning,and it's FRIDAY!That's the best thing of all!
Ok,so I had like two days off last week,and two days the week before,but I haven't had a real holiday in over a year,and I'm really starting to feel the effects.So,the closest thing I can get to a nice relaxing holiday,is a nice relaxing weekend at home with my love.
Except,my love usually ends up wanting to go somewhere or do something,although he always says before the weekend that he can't wait to just lie around the apartment and do nothing (which,by the way,is my favorite thing in the world to do).So I'm pretty sure we'll end up having a braai (South African barbeque) at his parents or going out for drinks or something.Even though we have no money for luxuries like going out right now.
Geez,see?I've started off being happy about the cooler weather and it being Friday,and somehow I get to moaning again.I'll have to blame it on PMS,although since I got my injection in November (birth control), I'm not really all that sure what time of the month it is,and I'm pretty much moody the whole time.The next injection is on January 21st,so hopefully after the second round,my hormones will start levelling out,and my boyfriend will be able to rest a little easier.
Only a little though.


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